the nobul art of debate – tips for patriots

all over the facebook and twitter you can see every day the white hot debate between lions of england and the fowlest of traitors!

how can we do it good as posible so as even none less than boddica herslef could thrust a raging speer in our honour?

we cant all be retoricul genius like mr lennon or clever kev – thats to much too ask of even fare albions womb!

yet i hope you can learn from theese handy tips put down by me and my mate ray  (bouncer at the pigs head nightclub and one time cellmate off your’s truley)

debate is a bit like chess only with words accept instead of horses and prawns we move ideas about to crush muslamic and leftie foes

even with loads here theres so many ways too throw them of guard i cant list them all and if you add your own we can make like an encyclicpeadia  

the best time to use theese is if  faced with facts done from what the left call “proper sauces” – they get very smug about knowing things

facts are tools of intelectuals and not too be trusted unless there saying things like muslims and immigrants are bad or the person saying them is impotent nationalist like mr lennon

for eg mr weston is a great intelectual toetum for patriots and i still never forget he once wrote soemthing saying “civilisational”

my debate ideas dont get less good the more you say them and the funny ones are always funny so we WILL win and the whole nation will talk about edl night and day

theese are in no speshal order but try and learn them all so soon you may could even make muslims hate muslims – it will be as good for the edl as when all the muslims killed a soldier in  woolwich (cant wait for something like that too happen agane soon!!)


– a main idea is to call your enemy a fashist because they call us fashist all the time and it confuses them

– remember ANYONE who doesnt agree with patriots is UAF fact! slag off UAF all the time it will realy upset people – UAF are fashists

– say “what about child grooming and terrorists” – doesnt matter what is being said it always works to just change the subject

– islam isnt a race so if you hate islam it PROVES you cant be racist and you can tell them its called logic duh!

– acuse them of being politicaly correct and middle class – it wins arguements as being politicaly correct is always politicaly wrong and it makes us sound working class which is good unless the left say so i think

 – tell them they like peados – always remember like i said – a true patriot must spend a lot of time thinking about muslims having sex with children

 – one of the funniest checkmate moves is say they smell and dont wash

– say they dont live in the real world- its true that only patriots live in the real world knowing that for eg christmas was banned for muslims

– call islam a medievil cult and say rude things about allah and the profit

– a really good phrase is “cultral marxism” – you dont have too know what this means just throw it in from time to time

– pretend you care about womens or animal rights you dont have to know about theese subjects either as women and animal suffring are more like just tools to make us look good and muslims and the left are bad

– remember EDL is a human rights organisation and it has proof because british freedumb said the human rights act was only for terrorists and criminals accept british freedumb doesnt happen anymore as they had to do lefty stuff like paper work too register agane 

– say “hmmm….bacon sarnies” or “your just saying that to get a free kebab”

 – say they dont have a job

– say the muslims claim benefits then say they take the jobs this will addle the hive mind of the left

– say you are sick of muslims and what is happening to MY/OUR country

– spice up your posts with words like “pathetic” “discusting” and “traitor”

– if someone said an edl was racist demand PROOF and if someone then puts up proof like screenshot or twitpic just say LOL so sad they have nothing too do all day but screenshots

– say go and have a wash agane as its one of the funiest proberly of all time

– laugh at there profile pic if it is them and if it is not them call them a coward for not having a proper profile pic

– make a threat about there will be civil war

– a good idea is to go on there pages and say something good like about mohamed being a paedo or other other scroching diss then when loads of people have argued and you have used all the ideas here just delete the thread

– when you are dead right about something it works to use all CAPITAL LETTERS or say FACT! at the end of your point

– complain about migration it has nothing to do with faith but people are to stupid to notice we are sneeking another issue in 

– say enoch was right (enoch is out of history who said he had a dream about muslims killing everyone)

– remember to say NS and things like that a lot another good one is E E EDL!!! and other catchphrases or things like WAKE UP and OPEN YOUR EYES

– never forget to exploit child abuse for your country

– you can make up stories about bad things muslims done like when mr lenon tells storys about rape as it is important to use things like that for england to (saint george said it doesnt matter so much if you make things up if england is the bigger truth)

There are lots of other ideas i have put down in my tireless bloging to click on like theese

if someone says your racist you can use some ideas i made up here with the coop de grass of saying YOU IS THE REAL RACIST!! as the left hate white people

here is an eg idea from the above of the sort of post that wins hearts and minds on islam debates:


you will find iron cast logic cases like this will suit anything the trostkyist menace hurls at you in fact you could proberly just cut and paste that and use it all the time

Thank you for reading and add your own ideas also i hope it was useful in the vital crusade of hating muslims!

NS and see you at the next demo (NF welcome but no banners on main march please it looks bad as people say were racist for some reason)


mr brevik and the truth the media dont say

i done this blog as anders is in court now and people always say to me thing like well what about him as lots of the things he says are like what I say and there picking on him like it is in fashion.

i can show lots of people think i am right and its free speech so if you dont like it maybe your fascist like i said before so THINK ABOUT IT!

1st to be clear from start so no one can say i said it was good to kill lots of kids –
i was realy upset what hapened in olso when it turned out it wasnt a muslim done it like the sun and everyone said at first. i was waiting for something big to help say it is now civil war and be proof i was right. i was playing even more call of duty to help make me good at war (just like anders played games)

but also killing children looks bad of course and in fact is aganst the law in most contries (proper ones maybe not muslim ones) patriots like me had a short time to think of things to say to make us look less bad so it was a hard time for us all

so it looks like i have to admit that what anders did was wrong which is hard as he used to send me big emails about how bad muslims are and left wing people

but! is it really as simple as saying he is bad? we have to be balanced is what i say!

he is true when he says norway is run by left wing dictayters. proof of this is there royal family to pretend there not left wing like they do over here. muslims have a word for if you lie it is called taquila and the left do it loads to.

also right is that the “victims” were brainwashed with something called “culteral marx-ism” (which sounds clever to say and i must read later what that is)

and at least anders always dress smart not like unwashed uaf and muslims who go round in sheets killing everyone (like the koran says FACT!)

forth thing is hes right that muslims ARE taking over EVERYTHING (as I will prove lots on this blog if i am not band by camerCON for saying what is true).

so if there were no muslims at all would he of done it?

THINK ABOUT IT! The muslims MUST now admit its partly there fault as that is balanced

also it is the lefts fault – FACT – because they let muslims be muslims and say dont hate muslims which is realy against free speech.

so it wasn’t so simple was it?


if you do awake up a lot you see anders is better than people say. even if he has mind control eyes and lots of his stuff was copied from a man called una bomber (I thought una was old womans name which is odd and also if your going to do bombs should you say your names bomber as people like police might notice you more? but hes american that might be why those strainge things)

another thing is anders says hes like a knights tempelar who are at war with muslims in history and it’s like mr lenon says now we are at war literaly specialy as theres an islamic center in luton wear hes from.

looking back I now proved with evidunce that anders had a point and i feel sorry for him he only wanted to make things beter in norway which cant be easy as its very cold to start and beer cost a lot

i found what other people in edl say and lots agree with me, loads so i will just say some special ones like mr lennon – he said anders “dared to come forward with his opinions” and now jokes about it sometimes like in the link below. the left cant take a joke but i think its good to help move on so perhaps they should let mr lennon do his jokes in court to make people who liked the “victims” laugh and feel better.

a man who helped make the BFP i am in called mr wood said anders knew the “victims” would grow up trayters which is true

again, why isnt mr wood aloud to go norway too speak up for anders is what i say? tell how the so called “victims” realy deserved it as it might make there mums or dads say sorry we made so much fuss.

3rd someone impotent called roberta says like me the media is crap and it isnt black and white

loads of people like edl think anders was right so any one who thinks it is always bad to kill lots of children  hates england and is the REAL RACIST like what this blog says the truth about

I have proofed big left wing biased and I supose anders will go to jail for ages out of so called “political correctness” that has gone mad and that shows he was right and me as well

if you love the country you will not forget what anders did to stop muslims by killing lots of people who werent muslims but might of been nice to muslims he was realy thinking ahead!!



NFSE (this is a bit like the special NS code i said before and means no fucking surrender ever to show you  mean your edl and nationalist even more by swearing)

next blog i will say with proper proof how all muslims in the country are terorists!!