resist the muslamic sirun call

first of all i have too say what good news the royal baby is george – it PROOVES that william and kate support the edl  (they couldnt say he was called tommy or kev out of political correctness!!)


now after the success of my last blog (called the nobul art of debate – tips for patriots) someone said look the left do list theme blogs to:

even things edl say that may not be all true out of that traytor piece – well its like i said last time if what we say is for saint george then it its always the bigger truth

now i am hitting back with another list idea blog and its about how not to be made into a muslim

 “fat chance” many of you will say “i wont be a muslim no way” but it says in the korran that muslims have to make everyone be muslim OPEN YOUR EYES!! –  its one of the reasons why Christmas is band now!! 

so patriots must not dare to sit on there lorels so please take theese ideas with good heed and spread the ideas to those off a weaker will

like the last blog you can add your own ideas so it will be a supositry of information then i will put it in all places it should belong


first think about what muslims have to do

I heard of something called the five pillows of islam so I will talk about them and how we can repel there beardy forces by doing something opposite as this is a SCIENCETIFIC PROGRAME

– the first pillow to say god is god 

i know from the ology division  that this means allah not like the proper god in a church

an easy way to be strong against this idea is to chant or sing EDL songs like “allah allah who the fuck is allah” and “allah is a paedo allah is a paedo nah nah nah nah nah nah nah nah”

i like to do this 5 times a day as its how much muslims are forced too pray

I sing them in front of the mirror with my edl flag and facemask – once each for england, saint george, mr lennon, clever kevin plus I pick a speshul tribute one a day to a great islam hater like maybe lovely pam gellar (depending on if she is being nice to edl that day) or a patriot like enoch (who was right)

– another pillow of islam is about charity and my mate ray told me muslims are so SICK they give arms to charity can they never stop being VIOLANT?? 

if they GIVE to charity we must TAKE from charity and one way of doing this to pretend to collect for something like help for heros or a victim of a muslim crime we made up then keep the money or give it to EDL

– ramma-dan is part of the mohamedan colander where every muslim has to starve

so you guessed it we must eat as much as possible during this month and its proberly why lots of edl people are large

– also the paedo mediEVIL cult of islam has to go to mecca in there lives so what better way to say NO than to get as far away from mecca as possible YES!

and here it is tematangi on the exact other side of the world

and yet and yet…so devius is the mind of what i call pisslam that wherever you face your facing mecca…the way to confound this then is to lie on your back at tematangi and gaze at the sky with toes pointing up- this is the way to look as away from mecca as possible on the world and everyone should do it at least once to be as unmuslim as they can

i aim to organise a group booking for devoted patriots and we can make money like when we charge over the odds for demo coaches

heres other ways to keep muslamic rays at bay:

– dont just eat lots of bacon or leave it round the place to ward of the foe – wear it as well!

i like to wear bacon underpants it can get a bit sweaty at times but your never without a handy snack!

i even wrote to fashion mags with my ideas but no reply because there all commies or scared they will get there heads choped of

– if you think other people have been made muslim you can remind them its wrong by singing “your not english anymore” edl can decide whose english at we sing it to a welsh song i think

 – never eat anything halal but as the left keep saying even air and water is halal – this just PROOVES how much that islam has taken over already and why this blog is NOT paranoid

so try to breath and drink as little water as possible to show how much you love this country and stay rooted in the sacred soil

– you get in trouble for burning the koran because of political corectness that has GONE TO FAR NOW!! its good going too prison for england but what good are you in their really when the RACE WAR hapens? maybe its better too do the struggle outside in clever ways

so instead of burning the koran why not be modern by downloading a koran and then deleting it – feel the sacred relief as each paedo line vanishes before your country-loving eyes!

– last for now always learn more things about how bad muslims are not just from edl but from people like our friends in the national front or the things anders used to say before he was made a political prisoner

thanks for reading and please share this as people may start to take hatred for granted before you know it they could be a paedo convert or turned into a mosk!!