Goodbye Mr Lennon – Confusion Rains in Patriot Branes

This week saw grate sadness visit the heart of many a nobul fruit of albions fare womb

you will know by now mr lennon, clever kev and sevral other impotent figgers have left the edl saying odd things like were violant – as if something hapened like when that man out off the bible was on the road too domestos


i dont get it realy him saying theirs nazis in edl as their have always been people like that on the demos and mr lenon never minded for years unless someone said he was taking the money

and did all the others who left with mr lenon and kev all decide the same thing at the same time? maybe their all doing something very clever indeed and at least mr lennon was all over the telly for 2 days and he will like that


but still its like a part of my manhood died and i dont know what too think or pretend to think

i keep remembring back too early demos when wed all laugh and sing about how bad muslims are and the left and how we were going to change the world and everyone will listen too us now…happy days…the first time i got a facemask and jumped around with it on in front of my mirror waving a flag…shouting at brown people and throwing things at police…kicking off in kfc while pretending i cared about halal chickens…always wondering if mr lennon would get arrested again…it was all so exiting


and now so many questions – did mr lenon make a mistake? Is he not realy inflamable after all? maybe it was all to big a burdan in the end when he got locked up for NOTHING so often – DID THE LEFTIES FINALY GET TOO HIM AND WASH HIS BRANE???!?

what now for your loyal corriespondant?  well the bottom line is that i hate the muzzies and mr lennon proberly does to as he still says he wants none of them imigrating here

i know edl will carry on NS but theirs been so many other groups also like england volunteer farce and cxf if there still going with mad mike and his rare hitler books

my mate ray says he may go with nwi now but so many of them are in prison just for beating up lefties as the judges and police all have too be left wing just like anders said and its like england my england is dying!!


i saw britain first had a new forum up and one of the threads said mr lenon and kev had done a treason and it had 4 posts which means interest has grown a lot for the group in just 2 days


one thing i will keep doing like i have for months now is going loads on politics pages of facebook to say i like ukip as thats a good way of hating imigrants and pretending not too hate them

theres loads of things too say that is almost like the old days of edl stuff realy you go on about how the liblabcon is rubbish and really it’s the marxists that run everything and whatever people are talking about you just post something up blaming imigration and say ukip all the way

i learned a new catchphrase from clever ukip people you dont call it EU but EUSSR it is very clever as i think its talking about history

i see quite a few people on facebook from the old days pretending there all sensible and ukip now i wonder how many of the public have no idea


so while in private my mind is a see of confusion in public i know what to do  –  i wont talk hardly about this at all and just keep blaming the muslims and left for everything like if a leftie says LOL even your leader said you had loads of nazis ill just say YOU LIKE PAEDOS which always won debate before and so will still – even big mass debates

maybe someone will try too unite all the groups trying to unite the groups trying too unite the right and well all end up voting ukip anyway

and maybe well all follow all the groups and keep putting up stuff on fb from the mail and atlas shrugs about how bad muslims are and the left

but make no mistake – i will be back and am still working toward on my interview series called jazz loves of the great patriots (just last week clever kev sent me a load of tweets about how much he loves the atonal work of ornett coalman)

so shed ye not tiers proud patriots – just pretend everything is more or less ok and keep hating muslims!! 




* accept in cases of surrender


resist the muslamic sirun call

first of all i have too say what good news the royal baby is george – it PROOVES that william and kate support the edl  (they couldnt say he was called tommy or kev out of political correctness!!)


now after the success of my last blog (called the nobul art of debate – tips for patriots) someone said look the left do list theme blogs to:

even things edl say that may not be all true out of that traytor piece – well its like i said last time if what we say is for saint george then it its always the bigger truth

now i am hitting back with another list idea blog and its about how not to be made into a muslim

 “fat chance” many of you will say “i wont be a muslim no way” but it says in the korran that muslims have to make everyone be muslim OPEN YOUR EYES!! –  its one of the reasons why Christmas is band now!! 

so patriots must not dare to sit on there lorels so please take theese ideas with good heed and spread the ideas to those off a weaker will

like the last blog you can add your own ideas so it will be a supositry of information then i will put it in all places it should belong


first think about what muslims have to do

I heard of something called the five pillows of islam so I will talk about them and how we can repel there beardy forces by doing something opposite as this is a SCIENCETIFIC PROGRAME

– the first pillow to say god is god 

i know from the ology division  that this means allah not like the proper god in a church

an easy way to be strong against this idea is to chant or sing EDL songs like “allah allah who the fuck is allah” and “allah is a paedo allah is a paedo nah nah nah nah nah nah nah nah”

i like to do this 5 times a day as its how much muslims are forced too pray

I sing them in front of the mirror with my edl flag and facemask – once each for england, saint george, mr lennon, clever kevin plus I pick a speshul tribute one a day to a great islam hater like maybe lovely pam gellar (depending on if she is being nice to edl that day) or a patriot like enoch (who was right)

– another pillow of islam is about charity and my mate ray told me muslims are so SICK they give arms to charity can they never stop being VIOLANT?? 

if they GIVE to charity we must TAKE from charity and one way of doing this to pretend to collect for something like help for heros or a victim of a muslim crime we made up then keep the money or give it to EDL

– ramma-dan is part of the mohamedan colander where every muslim has to starve

so you guessed it we must eat as much as possible during this month and its proberly why lots of edl people are large

– also the paedo mediEVIL cult of islam has to go to mecca in there lives so what better way to say NO than to get as far away from mecca as possible YES!

and here it is tematangi on the exact other side of the world

and yet and yet…so devius is the mind of what i call pisslam that wherever you face your facing mecca…the way to confound this then is to lie on your back at tematangi and gaze at the sky with toes pointing up- this is the way to look as away from mecca as possible on the world and everyone should do it at least once to be as unmuslim as they can

i aim to organise a group booking for devoted patriots and we can make money like when we charge over the odds for demo coaches

heres other ways to keep muslamic rays at bay:

– dont just eat lots of bacon or leave it round the place to ward of the foe – wear it as well!

i like to wear bacon underpants it can get a bit sweaty at times but your never without a handy snack!

i even wrote to fashion mags with my ideas but no reply because there all commies or scared they will get there heads choped of

– if you think other people have been made muslim you can remind them its wrong by singing “your not english anymore” edl can decide whose english at we sing it to a welsh song i think

 – never eat anything halal but as the left keep saying even air and water is halal – this just PROOVES how much that islam has taken over already and why this blog is NOT paranoid

so try to breath and drink as little water as possible to show how much you love this country and stay rooted in the sacred soil

– you get in trouble for burning the koran because of political corectness that has GONE TO FAR NOW!! its good going too prison for england but what good are you in their really when the RACE WAR hapens? maybe its better too do the struggle outside in clever ways

so instead of burning the koran why not be modern by downloading a koran and then deleting it – feel the sacred relief as each paedo line vanishes before your country-loving eyes!

– last for now always learn more things about how bad muslims are not just from edl but from people like our friends in the national front or the things anders used to say before he was made a political prisoner

thanks for reading and please share this as people may start to take hatred for granted before you know it they could be a paedo convert or turned into a mosk!!

mr brevik and the truth the media dont say

i done this blog as anders is in court now and people always say to me thing like well what about him as lots of the things he says are like what I say and there picking on him like it is in fashion.

i can show lots of people think i am right and its free speech so if you dont like it maybe your fascist like i said before so THINK ABOUT IT!

1st to be clear from start so no one can say i said it was good to kill lots of kids –
i was realy upset what hapened in olso when it turned out it wasnt a muslim done it like the sun and everyone said at first. i was waiting for something big to help say it is now civil war and be proof i was right. i was playing even more call of duty to help make me good at war (just like anders played games)

but also killing children looks bad of course and in fact is aganst the law in most contries (proper ones maybe not muslim ones) patriots like me had a short time to think of things to say to make us look less bad so it was a hard time for us all

so it looks like i have to admit that what anders did was wrong which is hard as he used to send me big emails about how bad muslims are and left wing people

but! is it really as simple as saying he is bad? we have to be balanced is what i say!

he is true when he says norway is run by left wing dictayters. proof of this is there royal family to pretend there not left wing like they do over here. muslims have a word for if you lie it is called taquila and the left do it loads to.

also right is that the “victims” were brainwashed with something called “culteral marx-ism” (which sounds clever to say and i must read later what that is)

and at least anders always dress smart not like unwashed uaf and muslims who go round in sheets killing everyone (like the koran says FACT!)

forth thing is hes right that muslims ARE taking over EVERYTHING (as I will prove lots on this blog if i am not band by camerCON for saying what is true).

so if there were no muslims at all would he of done it?

THINK ABOUT IT! The muslims MUST now admit its partly there fault as that is balanced

also it is the lefts fault – FACT – because they let muslims be muslims and say dont hate muslims which is realy against free speech.

so it wasn’t so simple was it?


if you do awake up a lot you see anders is better than people say. even if he has mind control eyes and lots of his stuff was copied from a man called una bomber (I thought una was old womans name which is odd and also if your going to do bombs should you say your names bomber as people like police might notice you more? but hes american that might be why those strainge things)

another thing is anders says hes like a knights tempelar who are at war with muslims in history and it’s like mr lenon says now we are at war literaly specialy as theres an islamic center in luton wear hes from.

looking back I now proved with evidunce that anders had a point and i feel sorry for him he only wanted to make things beter in norway which cant be easy as its very cold to start and beer cost a lot

i found what other people in edl say and lots agree with me, loads so i will just say some special ones like mr lennon – he said anders “dared to come forward with his opinions” and now jokes about it sometimes like in the link below. the left cant take a joke but i think its good to help move on so perhaps they should let mr lennon do his jokes in court to make people who liked the “victims” laugh and feel better.

a man who helped make the BFP i am in called mr wood said anders knew the “victims” would grow up trayters which is true

again, why isnt mr wood aloud to go norway too speak up for anders is what i say? tell how the so called “victims” realy deserved it as it might make there mums or dads say sorry we made so much fuss.

3rd someone impotent called roberta says like me the media is crap and it isnt black and white

loads of people like edl think anders was right so any one who thinks it is always bad to kill lots of children  hates england and is the REAL RACIST like what this blog says the truth about

I have proofed big left wing biased and I supose anders will go to jail for ages out of so called “political correctness” that has gone mad and that shows he was right and me as well

if you love the country you will not forget what anders did to stop muslims by killing lots of people who werent muslims but might of been nice to muslims he was realy thinking ahead!!



NFSE (this is a bit like the special NS code i said before and means no fucking surrender ever to show you  mean your edl and nationalist even more by swearing)

next blog i will say with proper proof how all muslims in the country are terorists!!