the season of peace and good will to all will soon end and about time to

my friend harry on facebook said its something called an in position by the politically correct liberal elite and other do-gooders which sounds very clever and i will try to say it even more than cultral marxism

now we must once again don the garb of sheer hatred for the sake of sacred albion and theirs no time to loose getting back to the christian ways and heratige of our proud nation – standing against invading hordes for we fight on many fronts

its not just muslims we have a duty to despise – weve been warned that from janurary  MILLIONS OF IMMIGRANTS will FLOOD here from places called romania and bulgaria in the south and east and that these swarthy menaces STEEL BABIES!!!

why does the trator camerCOMMUNIST let this happen??? it is because he works for the politically correct liberal elite and other do gooders!! 

just one STOLEN BABY is one to many even if it’s completely untrue – the untrue bit is just detale

my mate ray said detale is a fetish of the intellektule 

one good thing is that it is aloud to be racist again now as loads of people are on facebook and twitter talking about thieving gyppo scum and seem to get away with it a lot more than other racism

we must HATE these new imigrants and not trust any among ourselves who may favour them out of the political correctness of the liberal elite

and during the sales season extra care is needed at shops selling stuff for kitchens – a large imported fridge-freezer can easily harbour a romanian or bulgarian family, along with stolen children and accordions




Goodbye Mr Lennon – Confusion Rains in Patriot Branes

This week saw grate sadness visit the heart of many a nobul fruit of albions fare womb

you will know by now mr lennon, clever kev and sevral other impotent figgers have left the edl saying odd things like were violant – as if something hapened like when that man out off the bible was on the road too domestos


i dont get it realy him saying theirs nazis in edl as their have always been people like that on the demos and mr lenon never minded for years unless someone said he was taking the money

and did all the others who left with mr lenon and kev all decide the same thing at the same time? maybe their all doing something very clever indeed and at least mr lennon was all over the telly for 2 days and he will like that


but still its like a part of my manhood died and i dont know what too think or pretend to think

i keep remembring back too early demos when wed all laugh and sing about how bad muslims are and the left and how we were going to change the world and everyone will listen too us now…happy days…the first time i got a facemask and jumped around with it on in front of my mirror waving a flag…shouting at brown people and throwing things at police…kicking off in kfc while pretending i cared about halal chickens…always wondering if mr lennon would get arrested again…it was all so exiting


and now so many questions – did mr lenon make a mistake? Is he not realy inflamable after all? maybe it was all to big a burdan in the end when he got locked up for NOTHING so often – DID THE LEFTIES FINALY GET TOO HIM AND WASH HIS BRANE???!?

what now for your loyal corriespondant?  well the bottom line is that i hate the muzzies and mr lennon proberly does to as he still says he wants none of them imigrating here

i know edl will carry on NS but theirs been so many other groups also like england volunteer farce and cxf if there still going with mad mike and his rare hitler books

my mate ray says he may go with nwi now but so many of them are in prison just for beating up lefties as the judges and police all have too be left wing just like anders said and its like england my england is dying!!


i saw britain first had a new forum up and one of the threads said mr lenon and kev had done a treason and it had 4 posts which means interest has grown a lot for the group in just 2 days


one thing i will keep doing like i have for months now is going loads on politics pages of facebook to say i like ukip as thats a good way of hating imigrants and pretending not too hate them

theres loads of things too say that is almost like the old days of edl stuff realy you go on about how the liblabcon is rubbish and really it’s the marxists that run everything and whatever people are talking about you just post something up blaming imigration and say ukip all the way

i learned a new catchphrase from clever ukip people you dont call it EU but EUSSR it is very clever as i think its talking about history

i see quite a few people on facebook from the old days pretending there all sensible and ukip now i wonder how many of the public have no idea


so while in private my mind is a see of confusion in public i know what to do  –  i wont talk hardly about this at all and just keep blaming the muslims and left for everything like if a leftie says LOL even your leader said you had loads of nazis ill just say YOU LIKE PAEDOS which always won debate before and so will still – even big mass debates

maybe someone will try too unite all the groups trying to unite the groups trying too unite the right and well all end up voting ukip anyway

and maybe well all follow all the groups and keep putting up stuff on fb from the mail and atlas shrugs about how bad muslims are and the left

but make no mistake – i will be back and am still working toward on my interview series called jazz loves of the great patriots (just last week clever kev sent me a load of tweets about how much he loves the atonal work of ornett coalman)

so shed ye not tiers proud patriots – just pretend everything is more or less ok and keep hating muslims!! 




* accept in cases of surrender

resist the muslamic sirun call

first of all i have too say what good news the royal baby is george – it PROOVES that william and kate support the edl  (they couldnt say he was called tommy or kev out of political correctness!!)


now after the success of my last blog (called the nobul art of debate – tips for patriots) someone said look the left do list theme blogs to:



even things edl say that may not be all true out of that traytor piece – well its like i said last time if what we say is for saint george then it its always the bigger truth

now i am hitting back with another list idea blog and its about how not to be made into a muslim

 “fat chance” many of you will say “i wont be a muslim no way” but it says in the korran that muslims have to make everyone be muslim OPEN YOUR EYES!! –  its one of the reasons why Christmas is band now!! 

so patriots must not dare to sit on there lorels so please take theese ideas with good heed and spread the ideas to those off a weaker will

like the last blog you can add your own ideas so it will be a supositry of information then i will put it in all places it should belong


first think about what muslims have to do

I heard of something called the five pillows of islam so I will talk about them and how we can repel there beardy forces by doing something opposite as this is a SCIENCETIFIC PROGRAME

– the first pillow to say god is god 

i know from the ology division  that this means allah not like the proper god in a church

an easy way to be strong against this idea is to chant or sing EDL songs like “allah allah who the fuck is allah” and “allah is a paedo allah is a paedo nah nah nah nah nah nah nah nah”

i like to do this 5 times a day as its how much muslims are forced too pray

I sing them in front of the mirror with my edl flag and facemask – once each for england, saint george, mr lennon, clever kevin plus I pick a speshul tribute one a day to a great islam hater like maybe lovely pam gellar (depending on if she is being nice to edl that day) or a patriot like enoch (who was right)

– another pillow of islam is about charity and my mate ray told me muslims are so SICK they give arms to charity can they never stop being VIOLANT?? 

if they GIVE to charity we must TAKE from charity and one way of doing this to pretend to collect for something like help for heros or a victim of a muslim crime we made up then keep the money or give it to EDL

– ramma-dan is part of the mohamedan colander where every muslim has to starve

so you guessed it we must eat as much as possible during this month and its proberly why lots of edl people are large

– also the paedo mediEVIL cult of islam has to go to mecca in there lives so what better way to say NO than to get as far away from mecca as possible YES!

and here it is tematangi on the exact other side of the world


and yet and yet…so devius is the mind of what i call pisslam that wherever you face your facing mecca…the way to confound this then is to lie on your back at tematangi and gaze at the sky with toes pointing up- this is the way to look as away from mecca as possible on the world and everyone should do it at least once to be as unmuslim as they can

i aim to organise a group booking for devoted patriots and we can make money like when we charge over the odds for demo coaches

heres other ways to keep muslamic rays at bay:

– dont just eat lots of bacon or leave it round the place to ward of the foe – wear it as well!

i like to wear bacon underpants it can get a bit sweaty at times but your never without a handy snack!

i even wrote to fashion mags with my ideas but no reply because there all commies or scared they will get there heads choped of

– if you think other people have been made muslim you can remind them its wrong by singing “your not english anymore” edl can decide whose english at we sing it to a welsh song i think

 – never eat anything halal but as the left keep saying even air and water is halal – this just PROOVES how much that islam has taken over already and why this blog is NOT paranoid

so try to breath and drink as little water as possible to show how much you love this country and stay rooted in the sacred soil

– you get in trouble for burning the koran because of political corectness that has GONE TO FAR NOW!! its good going too prison for england but what good are you in their really when the RACE WAR hapens? maybe its better too do the struggle outside in clever ways

so instead of burning the koran why not be modern by downloading a koran and then deleting it – feel the sacred relief as each paedo line vanishes before your country-loving eyes!

– last for now always learn more things about how bad muslims are not just from edl but from people like our friends in the national front or the things anders used to say before he was made a political prisoner

thanks for reading and please share this as people may start to take hatred for granted before you know it they could be a paedo convert or turned into a mosk!!

the nobul art of debate – tips for patriots

all over the facebook and twitter you can see every day the white hot debate between lions of england and the fowlest of traitors!

how can we do it good as posible so as even none less than boddica herslef could thrust a raging speer in our honour?

we cant all be retoricul genius like mr lennon or clever kev – thats to much too ask of even fare albions womb!

yet i hope you can learn from theese handy tips put down by me and my mate ray  (bouncer at the pigs head nightclub and one time cellmate off your’s truley)

debate is a bit like chess only with words accept instead of horses and prawns we move ideas about to crush muslamic and leftie foes

even with loads here theres so many ways too throw them of guard i cant list them all and if you add your own we can make like an encyclicpeadia  

the best time to use theese is if  faced with facts done from what the left call “proper sauces” – they get very smug about knowing things

facts are tools of intelectuals and not too be trusted unless there saying things like muslims and immigrants are bad or the person saying them is impotent nationalist like mr lennon

for eg mr weston is a great intelectual toetum for patriots and i still never forget he once wrote soemthing saying “civilisational”

my debate ideas dont get less good the more you say them and the funny ones are always funny so we WILL win and the whole nation will talk about edl night and day

theese are in no speshal order but try and learn them all so soon you may could even make muslims hate muslims – it will be as good for the edl as when all the muslims killed a soldier in  woolwich (cant wait for something like that too happen agane soon!!)


– a main idea is to call your enemy a fashist because they call us fashist all the time and it confuses them

– remember ANYONE who doesnt agree with patriots is UAF fact! slag off UAF all the time it will realy upset people – UAF are fashists

– say “what about child grooming and terrorists” – doesnt matter what is being said it always works to just change the subject

– islam isnt a race so if you hate islam it PROVES you cant be racist and you can tell them its called logic duh!

– acuse them of being politicaly correct and middle class – it wins arguements as being politicaly correct is always politicaly wrong and it makes us sound working class which is good unless the left say so i think

 – tell them they like peados – always remember like i said – a true patriot must spend a lot of time thinking about muslims having sex with children

 – one of the funniest checkmate moves is say they smell and dont wash

– say they dont live in the real world- its true that only patriots live in the real world knowing that for eg christmas was banned for muslims

– call islam a medievil cult and say rude things about allah and the profit

– a really good phrase is “cultral marxism” – you dont have too know what this means just throw it in from time to time

– pretend you care about womens or animal rights you dont have to know about theese subjects either as women and animal suffring are more like just tools to make us look good and muslims and the left are bad

– remember EDL is a human rights organisation and it has proof because british freedumb said the human rights act was only for terrorists and criminals accept british freedumb doesnt happen anymore as they had to do lefty stuff like paper work too register agane 

– say “hmmm….bacon sarnies” or “your just saying that to get a free kebab”

 – say they dont have a job

– say the muslims claim benefits then say they take the jobs this will addle the hive mind of the left

– say you are sick of muslims and what is happening to MY/OUR country

– spice up your posts with words like “pathetic” “discusting” and “traitor”

– if someone said an edl was racist demand PROOF and if someone then puts up proof like screenshot or twitpic just say LOL so sad they have nothing too do all day but screenshots

– say go and have a wash agane as its one of the funiest proberly of all time

– laugh at there profile pic if it is them and if it is not them call them a coward for not having a proper profile pic

– make a threat about there will be civil war

– a good idea is to go on there pages and say something good like about mohamed being a paedo or other other scroching diss then when loads of people have argued and you have used all the ideas here just delete the thread

– when you are dead right about something it works to use all CAPITAL LETTERS or say FACT! at the end of your point

– complain about migration it has nothing to do with faith but people are to stupid to notice we are sneeking another issue in 

– say enoch was right (enoch is out of history who said he had a dream about muslims killing everyone)

– remember to say NS and things like that a lot another good one is E E EDL!!! and other catchphrases or things like WAKE UP and OPEN YOUR EYES

– never forget to exploit child abuse for your country

– you can make up stories about bad things muslims done like when mr lenon tells storys about rape as it is important to use things like that for england to (saint george said it doesnt matter so much if you make things up if england is the bigger truth)

There are lots of other ideas i have put down in my tireless bloging to click on like theese 




if someone says your racist you can use some ideas i made up here with the coop de grass of saying YOU IS THE REAL RACIST!! as the left hate white people


here is an eg idea from the above of the sort of post that wins hearts and minds on islam debates:


you will find iron cast logic cases like this will suit anything the trostkyist menace hurls at you in fact you could proberly just cut and paste that and use it all the time

Thank you for reading and add your own ideas also i hope it was useful in the vital crusade of hating muslims!

NS and see you at the next demo (NF welcome but no banners on main march please it looks bad as people say were racist for some reason)


In the weeks since THEY killed Lee Rigby the mighty EDL have had loads more time in the news even if it run by the left 

its dead good even though a let down like i said before that they dont kill more people here as when they kill people it proves were right!

Mr Lennon goes on impotent tv and radio programs more and is such a great man as he always wins arguments dead well but also has a top sense of humor like when he made jokes about the oslo massacre that time (its not all funny though as anders is STILL in jail as a political prisoner!)

i am no mr lennon i lack his seering intelect but i am working on a guide on how to win debate with the left (along with a separate inter-view series called “jazz loves of the great patriots”)

anyway even after talking to mr lennon the leftie middle class who run tv eating soya crasants cant help themselfs! so chanel 4 are going to try and make us ALL be muslim by playing something called call too prayer during a time they call ramma-dan (call to prayer is like a song telling muslims to blow things up)

this PROVES they are trying to take over like EDL said all along and we MUST STOP THEM plus say how much we hate it and muslims

some edl try to be clever and say we only hate extremes but call too prayer is for all muslims and we hate this idea of having it on telly as their is NO CHOICE too listen too it

THEY ARE FORCING IT DOWN OUR THROATS ITS SICK AND DISCUSTING!!! muslims are DIFFERENT they SMELL and TALK FUNNY – we need people to be far more like what we are and anything who says no is FASHIST – FACT OPEN YOUR EYES!!

so what can we do? the edl have stoped loads of things before by going on facebook and singing songs in the streets and threating people or calling them fashist so were the people to ask about ACTION against this cult (i lerned of mr lennon that it is clever to call islam like a cult)

so heres a plan

– we must go on chanel 4 pages and swear about them 
we must pass around there numbers and ring them up call them trayters because thats what they are

– we can get creative by going to chanel 4 and puting bacon outside there door 

– i have already put bacon on to the “4” of my remote i am so proud! it is funny to as anything too do with bacon is like kryptonight to the muslamic mind

it reminds me of this top patriot sacked out of fashism for defending england 


– when chanel 4 play the song we can do flash mobs where we all put our fingers in our ears for the cuntry

dont watch chanel 4 ever again THEY WILL KNOW!


there will be loads of other ideas that you can add here or on face book and twitter where the patriot revulsion is really happening big time!

we must DEMAND chanel 4 be shut down though maybe they will have to make chanel 5 into chanel 4 and all the other higher numbers one less – it could confuse us in hard times but it is worth it to STOP THE MUSLIMS AND THERE SONGS TOO MAKE US BE PAEDOS LIKE THEM!

Their used to be a great policital party called british freedumb to call for this type of thing but they made a mistake or something (clever kev carroll knows all about it)

now i think we all have to like ukip instead as bnp are up the creek and our friends in NF get only 3 votes in a local election because theirs trayters everywhere!

ukip like freedumb to so they are OUTRAGED that a short bit of singing will be played now and again on the tv and many members will want it stopped in the name of letting us do what WE want 

i dont think there will ever ever have been anything worse on the tv ever

stoping watching chanel 4 will be a bit sad because they thought up THIS IS ENGLAND the best tv ever which is all about how we must love england 

action is also hard as we may have to change the bacon we have blutacked to the remote now and again but we must SACRIFICE for england and our childrens future

so for england and saint gorge – grid your lions once more – get out their – hate chanel 4 and STOP THE MUSLIM SONGS!

muslamics continue trechary ways!

2 weeks ago EVERYTHING CHANGED!!! 


I trying my best ever too make people hate muslims even loads more but theres let downs like when lee rigbys family said for groups not to use his death TALK ABOUT SELFISH THIS IS ENGLAND NOT JUST YOUR ME ME ME MISERY!!!

luckily a UKIP man called them idiots in time like what they are FACT!!

ukip can be very good realy mr lennon said to give them a chance at elections i dont know what hapened to bfp realy after not paying money to exist or something? ukip said edl is aborent or bad words like that but i think there confused as lots of them get edl really even if the singing puts them off maybe

ukip are like us in lots of ways as they blame imigrants and say the left run to much its bad to be be multicultraled and politicaly corectness and things like that but its diffrent as some of them think there quite posh

the bigest letdown since the great day in woolich has been the islams themselves OFF COURSE NO SURPRISE REALLY!! why because they had a chance to keep the flame of st george burn brighter by just killing a few more people but do they? no because they hate it here WHY DONT THEY ALL JUST GO HOME AND NOT KILL PEOPLE THERE! WE SHOULD GIVE THEM ALL BACON AND THEY WILL GO!! i must remember that bacon joke its good.

please if anyone reading knows theese so called “modrate” islams ask them now to go out and be violant as quick as possible IT’S URGENT!!!

i know my brothers and edl angle sisters watch the internet all the time for news of death to buzz us up but it is winds us up if it doesnt happen lots of days


SEPERATE NEWS –  IS THAT THERES NEW MOVEMENT CALLED WOOLICH STRONG TO JOIN ON FACEBOOK!!  lots of pages go up and down all the time events happen cancel happen cancel because of leftie trolls i think

woolich strong is very clever idea as lots of ukip like it but maybe have no idea its got loads of edl and friends in evf and cxf that is combined ex farces we are talking some real WHITE PRIDE SAY NO TO WHITE GENOCIDE!! and its how we can unite the right when lots of ukip to busy saying its just leftie proper ganda that edl cxf and others are bad

as an antecoat I personaly had honor to meet cxfs very own mike mosely once (maybe hes had another row with them since) hes a very nice person – adept clarinetist and amatur fine artist mostly cubism he said and some other modren types i dont get because he is nearly as brainy as clever kev carrol – I said NEARLY LOL!

mike even let me touch his limited edition colection of books by hitler out of history who everyone lies about they are called my strugle that he wrote in prison and i tried to do the same when i was done about that moske but didnt get very far 

anyway i digest…also good about woolich strong is that it is selling t shirts its almost about the main real thing they are trying to do and it’s just like the old days selling shirts even if they dont say edl (i still have 3 unopened weymouth division hoodies signed by kev if anyone is intrested!) 

soon the mitey edl will sweep all before us as like that briliant day in tower hamlets where mr lenon dressed as a rabi and didnt fall asleep in a car or headbut wrong bloke or abandon us in a kettle for hours or some other thing that was proberly the left to blame

so till next time grid your lions once more and again please please get muslims to kill people 



the death of lee rigby is a great chance to build the EDL I’ve been BUZZING for a week!


you will all wondor where I was as people say too me English patriotism was flat since I wasn’t doing it a while

well one thing is that i was a political prisoner for a bit just like mr lennon and anders!

but no time for gossip right now when that soldier got murdered in london I knew right away THIS IS IT BRILLIANT!!! and went on to facebook to way “so it begins RACE WAR”

since then people all over the country have been out to stand up for britain by singing waving flags and fighting police who are cultural marxists – i  still dont know what it means but sounds clever

the campaign against hate and violence has seen us atacked mosques done asalts in the street and said all over facebook and twitter that muslims will kill us all and its TRUE unless we stop it FACT!

its really good the people who done it are black to and under leadership of mr lennon and clever kevin there is no way edl wont make most of this oportunity

i will start blogging again to make sure our demo numbers dont drop no more and for a while will stop just going around facebook saying it’s ukip for me and ukip all the way they are so diferent from all the others

yet already traytours have shown there face and not just the usual suspect trots either like help for heros turned down money from EDL disgusting! anyone even wearing there t-shirts now is an enemy

and lee rigbys own regiment have said to not join demos like EDL – excuse me but when did the army become a tool of a mohammedan master? 

the danger never went away and Harris Mcveigh is back to let everybody know the truth!

more comming soon and please please please hate for england as much as you can or your children will have to be mosks for ever like a thing on youtube with scarry music said



greetings national-ists and no surender ever to all of albions finest but to be honest this week i am so ANGRY!!! 

why? well the left are atacking me once more but it prooves i am doing it right at least

a few weeks ago i done a post here where i showed WITH INTERNET PROOF that every muslim in uk has done at least 11 terorisms

now the PATHETIC left saying my proofs are things like “utter horseshit” or “frothing lunacy”


harris mcveigh will be silent no more and am risen like phenicks with even more detaled report!

not just from internet this time that anyone can do but SERIOUS home grown investigatative of real facts of real people who I reckon are muslim

with proper re-serch like in a collage i show in depth how a range of mohammedidans cant be trusted so that the only people who will not open there eyes are REAL RACISTS eg like UAF (wayman bennit??? – NO WAY MAN!! is what i say!!!)

there are 3 “people” in the case studies I have carefuly thougt of you as evidunce as thus set out below and be-neath

“person” A is a male who lives quite near me and I often see him

he looks like proberly a muslim and always seems unhappy

so why is he even HEAR if he is unhappy?? and what makes him unhappy?

must be he hasn’t killed enough people or convurted them or groomed enough children like it says in the koran

this is the proof of person A – you can’t trust an unhappy muslim never no way!

“person” B is a fe-male who also lives quite near me

she looks muslim but doesn’t ware a berco so im not sure she might not be and may be lying with taquila like it also says in the koran

anyway this one is always smiling and happy

this is not to be trusted in the moslems type it proberly means they have just killed someone or converted them or groomed a child like they are told to from a young age in school called madarsers its SICK!

so also strong evidunce from “person” B as well there!

finally “person” C is a younger male who lives a bit away from me

i don’t see him so much but when I do he is sometimes happy yet also at other times he is sad

being balanced HOW can you TRUST someone like that??

he is so confused he will probably end up grooming a bomb!!!

so there you have it

i have excepted there is diferent kinds of muslems even if it is conprimise with so called “libral values”

i couldunt risk talking to my “case studies” (oviously) but if even one isnt realy a muslim the avarege still is and so I have still made up PROOF none of them can be trusted




ill be back soon too help make it so with advices on how you can save yourselfs from being made into a muslim.

* I will never surender too eu dicktat metric fashism on this page!!

pedo loving lefties EXPOSED

hi agane too patriots and muslim haters every where! 🙂

even in the barmy english sumer theres no time too be lost in saving ourselves from the muslamic hoards!

yet evil lefties are all ways an obsticle

have you seen theese left wing places online say so called “racism” is bad and good english patriots like edl is racist and fashist?

some even have NERVE to laugh at EDL and mr lennon who is never wrong and therefour inflammable

they will laugh on the other side of there face if muslims win at making us all be muslim!

there the real fashists acting like muslims are “normal” when we WE ALL KNOW THERE PEDOS

the left hate england and free speach but does camerCON ban them?

OPEN YOUR EYES he is one off them realy!!

are they more pathetic or disgusting i dont know plus its not what they say only but what they dont say also that shows there evil and that is most what this peice is all about.

one eg is take a page about “racists” on internet that shows people saying “racist” things about muslims


plus NEVER do they say about the bad things muslims do

or if they do say it it is only so patriots cant say they didnt say it and that shows there very deveous like left wing kind off taquila

or they will say look at all the crimes edl have been done for and loads go to prison for arson and asalt ect but they dont say about the two tear sistem that all police and judges do what comunism says as there all left wing to

even the other day some grate people near black burn were made into POLITICAL PRISONERS just for threating a mep and beating people up

BUT the “victims” was only muslims and it was nothing wrong like mr lennon says

of coarse the left said if they didnt do nothing wrong what did they plead guilty for

OBVIOUSLY they were made into saying guilty by taquila and the left is part of a COVER UP!!


(you can buy badges to say this last bit about emma)

another thing is also notice the left never say about all the racism against WHITE people

YEAH what about THAT??

like if someone says hey whitey too me in the street and there black or muslim would the left care? DONT THINK SO

no one has said that to me but the left still havent said it would be bad if they did

and i KNOW muslims look at me funny when i look at them thinking WHY are you in MY country to have sex with all the kids and I HAVE THE RIGHT of thinking theese things!!!!

we MUST have more people go on left wing pages and say stuff like this

sadly it gets even worse what the left avoid there so pathetic

i want to sware now all bad things in the world are bad and i say they are bad so every one can see and no leftie can acuse me of not speaking out on stuff like for random eg murders in east enders, nukelere attack on greenland or the drug wars in mexico 

theese left wing places never say any thing about lots of bad things

eg say someone wanted to do a nukelere war on somewhere ok with no
muslims like greenland

do “anti racist” places say that it would be bad to nuke greenland?? go and look for yourself off coase not 

they dont care about all them poor kiddies in nuuk getting radi-ated (nuuk funily is where i re-serched is capital of greenland)  maybe they dont care as even muslims may not want sex with radi-ated kids

another eg i thought off is there is big drug war in mexico someone said but you wouldnt know THAT from so called “anti racists” places

if you think about it must be as they dont care about mexicans and so it is proof of WHO IS THE REAL RACISTS!!!

or what about if there is a murder in somewhere like eastenders what do the left places say? NOTHING

unless the so called “victim” isn’t white of coarse then you wont here the last of it (like they kept going on about that steven lorence when everyone KNOWS those white guys got done for it just out of being white and so called “racist” and realy the police were racist all along for hating white people but the media all CON trolled by the left as well)

the list is proberly endless – think of a bad thing not to do with racism then find a so called “anti racist” place on internet and they proberly say nothing about it being bad because there to disgusting

take warning lefties YOUR TIME IS COMING TOO AN END and we are watching you

we have web places and pages to

we can re-serch by saying your name into google and youtube

we say the first thing that comes up whether it is realy you or not we dont need too check because the need to EXPOSE you is so impotent

we say your disgusting dangeros and make threats to make you be scared as it is free speech

grrr so much to say about evil left ill leave more to another peice but for now THEY HAVE BEEN WARND


KTF (this stands for keep the faith infidels say it but someone said it used to be for northen sole as well which was music with some black “poeple” and black notes in it – i don’t realy get it also someonesaid infidel means someone with no faith anyway but i say it all the same so poeple still think i am in a speshul gang)

1 day will there be no white people left?

welcome back to the blog to tell THE TRUTH and whats hapening to england under multi cultral NIGHTMARE so NO MORE POLITICAL CORECTNESS it has gone to far now

this peice is URGENT about our survival and please share it so let all of our blood and soil open there eyes

i already said about diferent speciul codes like ns or nfse that patriots say at end of posts so we know there one of us

another code is 1488 and it holds a key to truth

i used to think it was from in history maybe about the tempelars
like anders who i send leters now as hes a POLITICAL PRISONER! 😦

i also wandered if it was too do with reduced e bay price for batch of 5 edl weymouth divison hoodies (unopened with FREE framed code of conduct – 2011 blackburn demo edition singed by clever kev carroll)

but no i re-serched 1488 realy means other things

the 14 (sometimes 14w) is for 14 words that we must secure the existance of our people and a future for white children and the 88 is for hh from alphabet and stands for hiel hitler (you proberly heard of him hes famous out off history in germany but very mis under-tood I think)

my last blog was about tools of returic and one more good one is too scare people by saying there will hardly be no more whites soon (but remember dont sound racist and you must get very angry if anyone says you are)

in fact my mate ray told me it may be like that in under 30 years and i thought is ray realy right? my times with logic division should help say if this is true

no time to talk about why no more logic division now for sacred imortel life of our septic isle dranes each second

but i did stop thinking about muslims having sex with children long enough to get too some hard FACTS

there is proberly only about 55 milion whites in england now

i re-serched that a milion has got 6 norts from a web page about maths

then i used this place to work out you only have to loose one nort
every 4 years to get down to after 20 years theres only going to be 550 of us left!

And nort is nothing really!

550s way more than most edl demos theese days and were the wolrds largest protest movement! 

THINK ABOUT IT!! – not even enough to fill car park marx-ist counsil and police make us go

in less than 25 years only 55 white people could be left – that is more than most british freedom party votes

so we must except ray was proberly being optomystic even and even im shocked at revealing of my in depth re-serch!!!

but off corse leftie media and “leaders” like camerCON proberly kept it sercret so we would like muslims more! never fall for there lies – ALWAYS HATE MUSLIMS!!

they – and lets not be so called “policitically” so called “correct” as they will proberly include blacks –  wont just have more kids (its the plan and there dirty wanting more kids too have sex with – i know as i am back thinking about it) but also there going too have too kill lots of us just like it says in the koran

what does this mean we cant just sit there keybord warriers saying its bad on internet we will have CIVIL WAR in the end – that means war inside a country not things like shaking enemys hand saying sorry old chap now after tea and scons i will kill your family

to help with this i found this briliant idea how civil war may go in 2020 when theres still some milions left and we have a chance vs beardy menace

its clever re-search done with map ruler and even diferent color pens this is the handywork of eleet patriot

so once more your loyal servent has given PROOFS WITH FACTS no mater what the left say


are you true patriot or scum like uaf?


i will return with more patriot info next week as long as muslims dont kill me