In the weeks since THEY killed Lee Rigby the mighty EDL have had loads more time in the news even if it run by the left 

its dead good even though a let down like i said before that they dont kill more people here as when they kill people it proves were right!

Mr Lennon goes on impotent tv and radio programs more and is such a great man as he always wins arguments dead well but also has a top sense of humor like when he made jokes about the oslo massacre that time (its not all funny though as anders is STILL in jail as a political prisoner!)

i am no mr lennon i lack his seering intelect but i am working on a guide on how to win debate with the left (along with a separate inter-view series called “jazz loves of the great patriots”)

anyway even after talking to mr lennon the leftie middle class who run tv eating soya crasants cant help themselfs! so chanel 4 are going to try and make us ALL be muslim by playing something called call too prayer during a time they call ramma-dan (call to prayer is like a song telling muslims to blow things up)

this PROVES they are trying to take over like EDL said all along and we MUST STOP THEM plus say how much we hate it and muslims

some edl try to be clever and say we only hate extremes but call too prayer is for all muslims and we hate this idea of having it on telly as their is NO CHOICE too listen too it

THEY ARE FORCING IT DOWN OUR THROATS ITS SICK AND DISCUSTING!!! muslims are DIFFERENT they SMELL and TALK FUNNY – we need people to be far more like what we are and anything who says no is FASHIST – FACT OPEN YOUR EYES!!

so what can we do? the edl have stoped loads of things before by going on facebook and singing songs in the streets and threating people or calling them fashist so were the people to ask about ACTION against this cult (i lerned of mr lennon that it is clever to call islam like a cult)

so heres a plan

– we must go on chanel 4 pages and swear about them 
we must pass around there numbers and ring them up call them trayters because thats what they are

– we can get creative by going to chanel 4 and puting bacon outside there door 

– i have already put bacon on to the “4” of my remote i am so proud! it is funny to as anything too do with bacon is like kryptonight to the muslamic mind

it reminds me of this top patriot sacked out of fashism for defending england

– when chanel 4 play the song we can do flash mobs where we all put our fingers in our ears for the cuntry

dont watch chanel 4 ever again THEY WILL KNOW!


there will be loads of other ideas that you can add here or on face book and twitter where the patriot revulsion is really happening big time!

we must DEMAND chanel 4 be shut down though maybe they will have to make chanel 5 into chanel 4 and all the other higher numbers one less – it could confuse us in hard times but it is worth it to STOP THE MUSLIMS AND THERE SONGS TOO MAKE US BE PAEDOS LIKE THEM!

Their used to be a great policital party called british freedumb to call for this type of thing but they made a mistake or something (clever kev carroll knows all about it)

now i think we all have to like ukip instead as bnp are up the creek and our friends in NF get only 3 votes in a local election because theirs trayters everywhere!

ukip like freedumb to so they are OUTRAGED that a short bit of singing will be played now and again on the tv and many members will want it stopped in the name of letting us do what WE want 

i dont think there will ever ever have been anything worse on the tv ever

stoping watching chanel 4 will be a bit sad because they thought up THIS IS ENGLAND the best tv ever which is all about how we must love england 

action is also hard as we may have to change the bacon we have blutacked to the remote now and again but we must SACRIFICE for england and our childrens future

so for england and saint gorge – grid your lions once more – get out their – hate chanel 4 and STOP THE MUSLIM SONGS!



  1. Its Channel not Chanel, don’t you think you should learn English before you start blogging about England? Thick Bigot!

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