the death of lee rigby is a great chance to build the EDL I’ve been BUZZING for a week!


you will all wondor where I was as people say too me English patriotism was flat since I wasn’t doing it a while

well one thing is that i was a political prisoner for a bit just like mr lennon and anders!

but no time for gossip right now when that soldier got murdered in london I knew right away THIS IS IT BRILLIANT!!! and went on to facebook to way “so it begins RACE WAR”

since then people all over the country have been out to stand up for britain by singing waving flags and fighting police who are cultural marxists – i  still dont know what it means but sounds clever

the campaign against hate and violence has seen us atacked mosques done asalts in the street and said all over facebook and twitter that muslims will kill us all and its TRUE unless we stop it FACT!

its really good the people who done it are black to and under leadership of mr lennon and clever kevin there is no way edl wont make most of this oportunity

i will start blogging again to make sure our demo numbers dont drop no more and for a while will stop just going around facebook saying it’s ukip for me and ukip all the way they are so diferent from all the others

yet already traytours have shown there face and not just the usual suspect trots either like help for heros turned down money from EDL disgusting! anyone even wearing there t-shirts now is an enemy

and lee rigbys own regiment have said to not join demos like EDL – excuse me but when did the army become a tool of a mohammedan master? 

the danger never went away and Harris Mcveigh is back to let everybody know the truth!

more comming soon and please please please hate for england as much as you can or your children will have to be mosks for ever like a thing on youtube with scarry music said