1 day will there be no white people left?

welcome back to the blog to tell THE TRUTH and whats hapening to england under multi cultral NIGHTMARE so NO MORE POLITICAL CORECTNESS it has gone to far now

this peice is URGENT about our survival and please share it so let all of our blood and soil open there eyes

i already said about diferent speciul codes like ns or nfse that patriots say at end of posts so we know there one of us

another code is 1488 and it holds a key to truth

i used to think it was from in history maybe about the tempelars
like anders who i send leters now as hes a POLITICAL PRISONER! 😦

i also wandered if it was too do with reduced e bay price for batch of 5 edl weymouth divison hoodies (unopened with FREE framed code of conduct – 2011 blackburn demo edition singed by clever kev carroll)

but no i re-serched 1488 realy means other things

the 14 (sometimes 14w) is for 14 words that we must secure the existance of our people and a future for white children and the 88 is for hh from alphabet and stands for hiel hitler (you proberly heard of him hes famous out off history in germany but very mis under-tood I think)

my last blog was about tools of returic and one more good one is too scare people by saying there will hardly be no more whites soon (but remember dont sound racist and you must get very angry if anyone says you are)

in fact my mate ray told me it may be like that in under 30 years and i thought is ray realy right? my times with logic division should help say if this is true

no time to talk about why no more logic division now for sacred imortel life of our septic isle dranes each second

but i did stop thinking about muslims having sex with children long enough to get too some hard FACTS

there is proberly only about 55 milion whites in england now

i re-serched that a milion has got 6 norts from a web page about maths

then i used this place to work out you only have to loose one nort
every 4 years to get down to after 20 years theres only going to be 550 of us left!

And nort is nothing really!

550s way more than most edl demos theese days and were the wolrds largest protest movement! 

THINK ABOUT IT!! – not even enough to fill car park marx-ist counsil and police make us go

in less than 25 years only 55 white people could be left – that is more than most british freedom party votes

so we must except ray was proberly being optomystic even and even im shocked at revealing of my in depth re-serch!!!

but off corse leftie media and “leaders” like camerCON proberly kept it sercret so we would like muslims more! never fall for there lies – ALWAYS HATE MUSLIMS!!

they – and lets not be so called “policitically” so called “correct” as they will proberly include blacks –  wont just have more kids (its the plan and there dirty wanting more kids too have sex with – i know as i am back thinking about it) but also there going too have too kill lots of us just like it says in the koran

what does this mean we cant just sit there keybord warriers saying its bad on internet we will have CIVIL WAR in the end – that means war inside a country not things like shaking enemys hand saying sorry old chap now after tea and scons i will kill your family

to help with this i found this briliant idea how civil war may go in 2020 when theres still some milions left and we have a chance vs beardy menace

its clever re-search done with map ruler and even diferent color pens this is the handywork of eleet patriot

so once more your loyal servent has given PROOFS WITH FACTS no mater what the left say


are you true patriot or scum like uaf?


i will return with more patriot info next week as long as muslims dont kill me


5 thoughts on “1 day will there be no white people left?

  1. Hilarious that some retarded racist like you is going on this rant and belittling other people when your grammar is as atrocious as a toddler’s own grammar.

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