heratige culture and way off life

once more helo patriots who love england for ever!!
this peice is about a big thing i learned early too make other ENGLISH people WAKE UP and be patriot to!
try not to say open about race theese days people think your so called “racist” if you do

in sted say about heratige and culture to make people think nice things and that your clever wile realy it can mean same thing as being white the way we use it

also say lots about white working class as lots will think yes!! i am working class!!  this patriot knows about me so patriots must be good and now i will be one give me flyer please for next demo and how can i hate muslims more!!


So important thing is white realy but we say working class to draw them in

nice mr ailing who started edl and gives loads of money isnt working class at all realy (and befor the left start there is NO EVIDUNCE he was anders tuter even if paul ray points finger)

mr weston out off bfp say we must apeal to low midle class to and thats true if we are too brake magic 80 vote barier

so working class dont matter that much and realy is boring things like evil marx and trade unions that we hate but I think someone said its called tool of returic

some one out of history divison said things like all this had helped get power in past like about 80 years ago but that was lot of detale on names and my logic division work and bits of the ology divison are maybe to much even for my brane by them selfs without all thoose dates names ect

also if you say white working class people will think oh good not like midle class people who look down nose at acents or if you dont know about bits of a simfony or diferent wine or some thing

but what does heratige and culture mean anyway?

well heratige means like things from the past

heres some egs

– going to church

a bit boring realy but good to pretend you think jesus from the bible is good as hes versus mo- ham-head (this is funy name for main muslim who is also pedo FACT)
– sunday dinner
now under threat from halal proberly and someone will want to ban it

– dis-trust foriegn

speshally ones like french germans irish

–  having nice looking cuntrysides

BUT be carful as lots of green people = secret LEFT WING but you can blame all bilding on imigrunts (not develupors as thats left wing to)

– old fashun shops and small bussines in town

agane carful not to say big bussines bad as it sounds COMUNIST may be but can blame them a bit if there not british

– pubs

THE BEST 🙂 MUSLIMS HATE THEM and we get drunk and get of with angles also you can write edl and your division in toilets which shuts any lefties up

lots of other egs you might think off but main thing is to say past was grate and loveley like on where the heart is or something then leave idea of FACT nearly no muslims or blacks then

here are some egs on culture

– old music like folk


though litle known folk facts is Kev Carrol is champiun player off north humbriun smallpipes and mr lennon wrote new vershins of lindesfarne hits for kazzoo enembul out off his many talants

– poems and plays like shakespear and others i dont know

CAREFUL AGANE you may sound like soppy gaymo or intelectule

agane many more egs realy but to much off the culture can make you be LIBRAL which is near as bad as lefties but more soppy

someone in pub said culture is the pre-served off the inelectule or something and not too be trusted (i will do hole other  peice about fowl curse of the intelectule)

true realy that people like edl dont get culture and find it boring

main thing about our culture is that it is OURS and not MUSLIM or other cultures

and if you say it people think your clever and went too collage not just thick racist

but if you say way off life instead off culture – sounds less defanite and people nod anyway

it is a bit diferent more evry day prehaps

some egs on way off life

– do rubish job you hate or no job and no money

– crap wether most of time

– town looks grey and concreet evrywhere

– everyone rips you of (agane dont say too much about this sounds leftie if you do)

– maybe drink a lot

– football x factor or britain got talunt are high light of week

–  blame muslims and imigrunts for any off above that is bad

–  think about muslims having sex with kids

all in all way off life can be depresing a bit so balance it with the other things

use all above in clever ways as what you are realysaying is NO MORE MUSLIMS (AND PROBERLY BLACKS REALY) BETER BE RID OF THE ONES HERE THEN THINGS WILL BE OK AGANE WHEN EVERONE IS LIKE US (apart from left for who theres other ways of shuting up and geting rid off)

till next time keep hating muslims!

(i did promise more HARD FACTS for you and not forgot but re serchs in tense and simple calculater page keeps being slow)

NCP (this is where we go in lots of demos)


2 thoughts on “heratige culture and way off life

  1. Thanks – needed a laugh! The EDL turned up in my small town last week, on their way back from Rochdale. No-one knows why – we think they got off at the wrong station. They seem a sickly lot (lots of sniffles and in and out of the pub toilets).

  2. thank u for thsi. if WE don t speak for the BRITISH LIFE who will ???? not the lefties or dave camMOREN. they wnt 2 turn evry sunday school in 2 a qoran trading party . nd all PUBS into HALAL FACTORYS>. nevr will i ntot fite for the BRITISH LIFE NSFE

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