pedo loving lefties EXPOSED

hi agane too patriots and muslim haters every where! 🙂

even in the barmy english sumer theres no time too be lost in saving ourselves from the muslamic hoards!

yet evil lefties are all ways an obsticle

have you seen theese left wing places online say so called “racism” is bad and good english patriots like edl is racist and fashist?

some even have NERVE to laugh at EDL and mr lennon who is never wrong and therefour inflammable

they will laugh on the other side of there face if muslims win at making us all be muslim!

there the real fashists acting like muslims are “normal” when we WE ALL KNOW THERE PEDOS

the left hate england and free speach but does camerCON ban them?

OPEN YOUR EYES he is one off them realy!!

are they more pathetic or disgusting i dont know plus its not what they say only but what they dont say also that shows there evil and that is most what this peice is all about.

one eg is take a page about “racists” on internet that shows people saying “racist” things about muslims


plus NEVER do they say about the bad things muslims do

or if they do say it it is only so patriots cant say they didnt say it and that shows there very deveous like left wing kind off taquila

or they will say look at all the crimes edl have been done for and loads go to prison for arson and asalt ect but they dont say about the two tear sistem that all police and judges do what comunism says as there all left wing to

even the other day some grate people near black burn were made into POLITICAL PRISONERS just for threating a mep and beating people up

BUT the “victims” was only muslims and it was nothing wrong like mr lennon says

of coarse the left said if they didnt do nothing wrong what did they plead guilty for

OBVIOUSLY they were made into saying guilty by taquila and the left is part of a COVER UP!!


(you can buy badges to say this last bit about emma)

another thing is also notice the left never say about all the racism against WHITE people

YEAH what about THAT??

like if someone says hey whitey too me in the street and there black or muslim would the left care? DONT THINK SO

no one has said that to me but the left still havent said it would be bad if they did

and i KNOW muslims look at me funny when i look at them thinking WHY are you in MY country to have sex with all the kids and I HAVE THE RIGHT of thinking theese things!!!!

we MUST have more people go on left wing pages and say stuff like this

sadly it gets even worse what the left avoid there so pathetic

i want to sware now all bad things in the world are bad and i say they are bad so every one can see and no leftie can acuse me of not speaking out on stuff like for random eg murders in east enders, nukelere attack on greenland or the drug wars in mexico 

theese left wing places never say any thing about lots of bad things

eg say someone wanted to do a nukelere war on somewhere ok with no
muslims like greenland

do “anti racist” places say that it would be bad to nuke greenland?? go and look for yourself off coase not 

they dont care about all them poor kiddies in nuuk getting radi-ated (nuuk funily is where i re-serched is capital of greenland)  maybe they dont care as even muslims may not want sex with radi-ated kids

another eg i thought off is there is big drug war in mexico someone said but you wouldnt know THAT from so called “anti racists” places

if you think about it must be as they dont care about mexicans and so it is proof of WHO IS THE REAL RACISTS!!!

or what about if there is a murder in somewhere like eastenders what do the left places say? NOTHING

unless the so called “victim” isn’t white of coarse then you wont here the last of it (like they kept going on about that steven lorence when everyone KNOWS those white guys got done for it just out of being white and so called “racist” and realy the police were racist all along for hating white people but the media all CON trolled by the left as well)

the list is proberly endless – think of a bad thing not to do with racism then find a so called “anti racist” place on internet and they proberly say nothing about it being bad because there to disgusting

take warning lefties YOUR TIME IS COMING TOO AN END and we are watching you

we have web places and pages to

we can re-serch by saying your name into google and youtube

we say the first thing that comes up whether it is realy you or not we dont need too check because the need to EXPOSE you is so impotent

we say your disgusting dangeros and make threats to make you be scared as it is free speech

grrr so much to say about evil left ill leave more to another peice but for now THEY HAVE BEEN WARND


KTF (this stands for keep the faith infidels say it but someone said it used to be for northen sole as well which was music with some black “poeple” and black notes in it – i don’t realy get it also someonesaid infidel means someone with no faith anyway but i say it all the same so poeple still think i am in a speshul gang)


1 day will there be no white people left?

welcome back to the blog to tell THE TRUTH and whats hapening to england under multi cultral NIGHTMARE so NO MORE POLITICAL CORECTNESS it has gone to far now

this peice is URGENT about our survival and please share it so let all of our blood and soil open there eyes

i already said about diferent speciul codes like ns or nfse that patriots say at end of posts so we know there one of us

another code is 1488 and it holds a key to truth

i used to think it was from in history maybe about the tempelars
like anders who i send leters now as hes a POLITICAL PRISONER! 😦

i also wandered if it was too do with reduced e bay price for batch of 5 edl weymouth divison hoodies (unopened with FREE framed code of conduct – 2011 blackburn demo edition singed by clever kev carroll)

but no i re-serched 1488 realy means other things

the 14 (sometimes 14w) is for 14 words that we must secure the existance of our people and a future for white children and the 88 is for hh from alphabet and stands for hiel hitler (you proberly heard of him hes famous out off history in germany but very mis under-tood I think)

my last blog was about tools of returic and one more good one is too scare people by saying there will hardly be no more whites soon (but remember dont sound racist and you must get very angry if anyone says you are)

in fact my mate ray told me it may be like that in under 30 years and i thought is ray realy right? my times with logic division should help say if this is true

no time to talk about why no more logic division now for sacred imortel life of our septic isle dranes each second

but i did stop thinking about muslims having sex with children long enough to get too some hard FACTS

there is proberly only about 55 milion whites in england now

i re-serched that a milion has got 6 norts from a web page about maths

then i used this place to work out you only have to loose one nort
every 4 years to get down to after 20 years theres only going to be 550 of us left!

And nort is nothing really!

550s way more than most edl demos theese days and were the wolrds largest protest movement! 

THINK ABOUT IT!! – not even enough to fill car park marx-ist counsil and police make us go

in less than 25 years only 55 white people could be left – that is more than most british freedom party votes

so we must except ray was proberly being optomystic even and even im shocked at revealing of my in depth re-serch!!!

but off corse leftie media and “leaders” like camerCON proberly kept it sercret so we would like muslims more! never fall for there lies – ALWAYS HATE MUSLIMS!!

they – and lets not be so called “policitically” so called “correct” as they will proberly include blacks –  wont just have more kids (its the plan and there dirty wanting more kids too have sex with – i know as i am back thinking about it) but also there going too have too kill lots of us just like it says in the koran

what does this mean we cant just sit there keybord warriers saying its bad on internet we will have CIVIL WAR in the end – that means war inside a country not things like shaking enemys hand saying sorry old chap now after tea and scons i will kill your family

to help with this i found this briliant idea how civil war may go in 2020 when theres still some milions left and we have a chance vs beardy menace

its clever re-search done with map ruler and even diferent color pens this is the handywork of eleet patriot

so once more your loyal servent has given PROOFS WITH FACTS no mater what the left say


are you true patriot or scum like uaf?


i will return with more patriot info next week as long as muslims dont kill me

heratige culture and way off life

once more helo patriots who love england for ever!!
this peice is about a big thing i learned early too make other ENGLISH people WAKE UP and be patriot to!
try not to say open about race theese days people think your so called “racist” if you do

in sted say about heratige and culture to make people think nice things and that your clever wile realy it can mean same thing as being white the way we use it

also say lots about white working class as lots will think yes!! i am working class!!  this patriot knows about me so patriots must be good and now i will be one give me flyer please for next demo and how can i hate muslims more!!


So important thing is white realy but we say working class to draw them in

nice mr ailing who started edl and gives loads of money isnt working class at all realy (and befor the left start there is NO EVIDUNCE he was anders tuter even if paul ray points finger)

mr weston out off bfp say we must apeal to low midle class to and thats true if we are too brake magic 80 vote barier

so working class dont matter that much and realy is boring things like evil marx and trade unions that we hate but I think someone said its called tool of returic

some one out of history divison said things like all this had helped get power in past like about 80 years ago but that was lot of detale on names and my logic division work and bits of the ology divison are maybe to much even for my brane by them selfs without all thoose dates names ect

also if you say white working class people will think oh good not like midle class people who look down nose at acents or if you dont know about bits of a simfony or diferent wine or some thing

but what does heratige and culture mean anyway?

well heratige means like things from the past

heres some egs

– going to church

a bit boring realy but good to pretend you think jesus from the bible is good as hes versus mo- ham-head (this is funy name for main muslim who is also pedo FACT)
– sunday dinner
now under threat from halal proberly and someone will want to ban it

– dis-trust foriegn

speshally ones like french germans irish

–  having nice looking cuntrysides

BUT be carful as lots of green people = secret LEFT WING but you can blame all bilding on imigrunts (not develupors as thats left wing to)

– old fashun shops and small bussines in town

agane carful not to say big bussines bad as it sounds COMUNIST may be but can blame them a bit if there not british

– pubs

THE BEST 🙂 MUSLIMS HATE THEM and we get drunk and get of with angles also you can write edl and your division in toilets which shuts any lefties up

lots of other egs you might think off but main thing is to say past was grate and loveley like on where the heart is or something then leave idea of FACT nearly no muslims or blacks then

here are some egs on culture

– old music like folk


though litle known folk facts is Kev Carrol is champiun player off north humbriun smallpipes and mr lennon wrote new vershins of lindesfarne hits for kazzoo enembul out off his many talants

– poems and plays like shakespear and others i dont know

CAREFUL AGANE you may sound like soppy gaymo or intelectule

agane many more egs realy but to much off the culture can make you be LIBRAL which is near as bad as lefties but more soppy

someone in pub said culture is the pre-served off the inelectule or something and not too be trusted (i will do hole other  peice about fowl curse of the intelectule)

true realy that people like edl dont get culture and find it boring

main thing about our culture is that it is OURS and not MUSLIM or other cultures

and if you say it people think your clever and went too collage not just thick racist

but if you say way off life instead off culture – sounds less defanite and people nod anyway

it is a bit diferent more evry day prehaps

some egs on way off life

– do rubish job you hate or no job and no money

– crap wether most of time

– town looks grey and concreet evrywhere

– everyone rips you of (agane dont say too much about this sounds leftie if you do)

– maybe drink a lot

– football x factor or britain got talunt are high light of week

–  blame muslims and imigrunts for any off above that is bad

–  think about muslims having sex with kids

all in all way off life can be depresing a bit so balance it with the other things

use all above in clever ways as what you are realysaying is NO MORE MUSLIMS (AND PROBERLY BLACKS REALY) BETER BE RID OF THE ONES HERE THEN THINGS WILL BE OK AGANE WHEN EVERONE IS LIKE US (apart from left for who theres other ways of shuting up and geting rid off)

till next time keep hating muslims!

(i did promise more HARD FACTS for you and not forgot but re serchs in tense and simple calculater page keeps being slow)

NCP (this is where we go in lots of demos)

spreading the word–start your own blog or facebook page for england!

there can never be to many internet places saying muslims are bad never!!

so why not start one too spread englands flame in peoples soles!!!?

people say but harris your clever at this as my spelings ok also i was in logic division to make ideas and i know religon things from the ology division

but all of english blood and soil are as master as they need and has the right!! so to help i will say how I make my blog and how to do facebook pages

im balanced how I do my blog as some things will be out of my heart about england and hating muslims and others are re-serched like in a college

for re-serch i look at websights and mesage bords ect til I see the first thing that  like what I think or contanes proofs of it

i get lots saying at google evil muslims or muslim did bad thing and then cut and paste too shine a big light of patrotism on bad stuff like turning things into mosques

you can use this idea for finding bad things about the left to by just saying the left to google insted of muslim

i get ideas of off other nationalists like when people said theres a new law in egypt making neccrophillia aloud it wasn’t true but we still used it to make people think muslims are dirty so its a good eg

after ive said a bit about someone elses stuff i may say why nationalism is good or the left and muslims are dirty pedos or terrorists

then maybe end with big call to arms like WE NEED TO WAKE UP EVERYONE NOW or say there will be civil war before sign of with one of f the special codes like NS (remember that means no surender and edl will know you are one off them)

to balance out serious re-serch of net links i also use antidotal evidunce of my own REAL life or imagine things and make up my own facts

in such like ways as this i hope how i paint a picture can be both like YOU would and also like serious people  (which are sometimes called “authoritatative”) would.

for a facebook page use the same points and get people to join your page

you get theese off of pages about edl and other patriot places – just go on them and say helo I havea new page about making country great agane as muslims and the left are making it all bad and we must stop them

people will think WOW!! we really need more things like that maybe there will be links about the latest bad muslim things so they will go to your page

then every one can go on every ones page to copy links and say about how there true and it makes us angry

we can say about demos when we shut the left up or say how bad the left are if they try and shut us up

some pages people say about when there up in court which is clever as any court or cps or police reading will know what you realy think and everyone can see your plan to talk about it and say good luck mate it is a two tear sistem

if everyone made just one other person think yes i will hate muslims now and have a facebook page then soon the land would rise up and no more muslims!

special ideas

there are special ideas for pages like some have poems on them about how good england is apart from the muslims who we will get rid of

or you could mostly post about how england is going down the drain and who to blame for it

there is a page saying mr lennon should be leader of the country instead of people like camerCON i wish i had started that page as mr lennon is my big hero of all time and i even think he is inflamable as hes always right what he says

a good idea i saw was a page called mayo – unite the right

the page was people of diferent groups to talk like nf that we done a demo with the other day in new castle

what was clever about mayo page was it used the idea of source like mayonase as a sort of code for types of people i think it is called an an alergy

so mayo meant white but kechup was bad as it is red (that means left wing) – i HATE ketcup people would post and others would say LOL i hate kechup to

or people would come on and say i HATE mustard (which can be brown like muslims) and others next say LOL i REALY HATE mustard!!

a main infidel called diddyman posted YES YES YES YES!!! UNITE THE WHITE when the page started – he was so happy i even wandered did he make a sticky mess like sometimes when i have a dream about mr lennon or cousin kev

it was good to share ideas on what people are like by saying there like a source and was like mi5 with all the codes but i think the left got it band as there jealous of our jokes and codes

some impotent thing to think about

so called “political” so called “corectness” has gone to far if you ask me and most people think racism is bad theese days so remember to pretend not to be racist and get dead angry if anyone says you are

you can copy a lot of ideas from my blog on this page called “THIS BLOG IS NOT RACIST”

if you get leftie trolls just ban them or say have a wash lol or you like pedos and youll be sorry one day you didnt listen as your family will be sex slaves and even the internet will face meca

a thing about CAPSLOCK – lots of patriots think things are more true if EVERYTHING IS DONE WITH CAPSLOCK!!

i wandered about this so did some re-serch and  found that things are true anyway if they are true like all the things mr lennon ever will say

that is a reason why i dont always use CAPSLOCK and keep it back for if i am pashinate or angry like shouting

its the same with !!s realy so i use CAPSLOCK and !!!! less than some but dont think i hate england or like muslims out of that – NO WAY!!!  I LOVE ENGLAND AND HATE MUSLIMS!!!

thank you and i hope your now confidunt to join the war in the internet

next time i deal with lefties who say my re-serch is bad but i have to buy lots of soap for them first lol

gtsq (this is another code it means god save the queen and is used by infidels so they know you are like them)