PLEASE ALWAYS REMEMBER: this blog is NOT racist!

I am NOT a racist and below are proofs

1) Islam is what I am most against and that isnt a race anyway so how can it be racist to say I dont like them?

2) there was blacks at my school and there was even a black teacher for a while! blacks live near me now. I can prove this if you don’t believe me (apart from maybe about the teacher)

3) i like football which often will have blacks in the teams these days (I think they have to by law!) If a black scores for my team – so what? i cheer – it is my team after all!

4) There is a half cast waitress at a local cafe I go so in fact I even talk to her.

5) best (or worst!) of all : One of my mates went out with some Chinese (or Japanese) girl for nearly a year! We used to ask if her if her “slit” went the other way EVERY time we saw her. It was really funny and also we used to say “egg flied lice” at her LOL – she was always moody round us for some reason thogh maybe just being imigrant. But at least we tried to “include” her even if she couldnt take a joke.

6) sometimes I make up I have a half cast relative (not close) to prove I am not racist. would I even do that if  i WAS racist?

In all above cases I try to look like I treat these people as normal as i can (even the made up bloke). So this is the proof even if anti british people will come on and lie that i am racist i am not

VERY IMPORTANT NOTE:! Any racist coments will be removed*


*but what does racism mean is different things to people you have to admit

If you read something that you don’t like, you should first ask your self if you are a fascist like UAF for eg winston Churchill, a great man and NOT a racist said “the fascists of the future will be called anti fascists”

some people say this quote is made up

but to show it’s true wikiquotes says the churchill society say there is no evidence that he said it! that is the stink of cover up if you ask me! yes if you open your mind this makes it probably even more real that Churchill did said it –  sure as he said “gas them kurds by sunrise!”

Also about unacepptable racist comments on this blog

Sometimes racist coments may happen that i dont see. this happens a lot on patriot forums like the EDL which is NOT racist

People put so called “racist” things up in EDL places and often its fake. but as there arent enough people to mod properly they often stay. They often stayed when they were modded to but to show free speech and diferent views people have which is good really you have to admit

anyway if someone says something racist and it isn’t ever taken down that doesn’t mean a blog is racist or folowers or the person who said it is racist anyway FACT

If you think someone is racist because they may say a “racist” thing you are doing what is called “stere-o-type” doing a “stere-o-type” is actualy just like racism in fact



Last thing about racism for this bit:

Also someone may say something that looks “racist” but later they can say they were only joking. Standing up for Britain is hard work. We need to lighten up sometimes (lefties take note”). strength through joy someone said as well.

Freedom of speech is top importance BUT there are to many left wing lies as well. So left wing things may be dileted–not just to keep the space pure, but for the good of the country.



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