in the begining – my journey of nationalism

like lots of proper british people i knew there was something wrong but  found politics dead boring (yawn)

what are they on about and they don’t know what it is really like  (like having sevaral blacks at school like I did or with a real muslim family living 2 streets away)

i maybe saw nick grifin off of the BNP a bit and what he said may of been ok but hes quite boring really

plus his face looks wierd something about his eye maybe?  it wasn’t enough to grab me even if he is right that the ku cucks clan arent all bad

i care about ME so i needed something that spoke to ME (Later I found caring more about others is some times called socialist which is bad and proves I was right)

anyway one night there was nothing on telly so newsnight was on and I saw stephen lennon of off the EDL on it and I heard him say 7 words that changed my life –  “Only muslims have human rights in this country”

it hit me there and then – muslims have EVERYTHING and people like ME have NOTHING at all and no rights

i was a second class citizen but foreigns all had jobs or benifits from not having jobs.

they live in houses and many even have cars and they dont want to be like us but if they want to be like us they think they can be like us and you have to admit that is wrong

i thought why should they be happy when I arent? It’s just not fair!

i had found a moral coarse like that saint on the road to Domestos!

From that I found about the EDL who are the worlds biggest protest movement! on facebook it was great because lots of people were saying how much they hated muslims and how the koran is for evil peados theres going to be a war (probably like call of duty) and everything

i saw there was a demo soon and decided to go or if every thing became muslim it would be me to blame as well

i will talk about my first demo in the next post…


3 thoughts on “in the begining – my journey of nationalism

    • Mr from luton i will leave your coment up for now though it is very like what a lot of uaf say

      you look like you proberly didnt look at the clear and detail post about i am NOT a racist and this is NOT a racist blog so please look again and OPEN UR EYES!!

      • Not saying u is a racist mate. just saying that i used to have a shite life and thorgt it was cos of black folkes. then i met BRENDA. her granny and granddat are from nigeria. she’s fucking ace. her parents attend a mosqe near where we live and its just not true wat u say ere. sorry, but i can honestly say this is a lie. YOU OPEN YOU’RE EYES!!! Come and meet brenda. seriously. she’d luv that. you’ll see.

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